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Shop for the budget white phone with good performance, light and thin design, as well as long-lasting battery life, at Blackview global online store, offering one-year warranty, free shipping to most countries.

With trendy, simple, and light and thin design, equipped with powerful Octa-core processors and the latest Android, as well as a big battery to ensure the device lasts longer and has enough processing power for most tasks. It is the best low budget iPhone alternative which has a similar look as iPhone.

OSCAL C80 is the cheapest 90Hz phone, and C80 and A55 Pro are one of the best phones with 1TB expandable storage in the market. They feature a trendy and good look outlook, light and thin body, a large battery, as well as good performance, are the rare China fine-goods with affordable price in the market. Suitable for different people like office work, young people and more.

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